It has been 48 years since the day our story began. The day that Mr. Kostas emigrated to Brazil and after years of hard work, he returned to Greece carrying all the secrets hidden in a bean of coffee. He opened his first coffee grinding business with his wife Dimitra at Zografou and named it after the nickname people gave him, none other than “the Brazilian Guy”. Since then he has opened three more stores in Galatsi, Pagrati and Nea Smyrni, so more people can enjoy the best varieties of fresh ground and roasted coffee and all the other Greek treats our stores offer.

“The Brazilian Guy” is a family business that offers quality products to the local community and forges bonds with local people of all ages. Our customers choose us for our quality products but also for the fantastic customer service and positive vibes they enjoy when they enter a store. This is a major core value of our brand. We make sure that our customers have access every single day to top quality Greek-made products. For decades we have been supporting local farmers and producers so that our customers can find the finest products available.

Our company is in the business of Greek hospitality, a brand that is never out of fashion. We aim to continue supporting quality Greek products and we want to expand the audience enjoying these locally and internationally. Our vision is to remain a family business, which ensures that our customers feel at home when shopping in our stores. Visit one of our stores to find out how we can add great taste experiences to your day, every day.